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Presenting your house for sale

Here is a check list you may find helpful when preparing your home for sale:


Most buyers look for homes that are well cared for, clean and bright!





Kitchen: Stove, refridgerator and sink should be spotless. Don't leave out dirty or drying dishes. Keep all work spaces clean and tidy.





Bathroom: Neat, clean, fresh linens and well aired out. Make sure it is clear of any mould or mildew.





Wardrobes: De-clutter - crowded or overfilled wardrobes suggest innadequate storage space. 





Children and pets: Can often prevent potential buyers from concentrating on your home. It is suggested that you allow buyers to inspect your property without distraction. Try to eliminate any pet odor or fur.





Lawns and Yards: Cut grass, edge paths, trim hedges, weed gardens and remove any clutter. 





House Exterior: Wash down/waterblast and paint if required.





Garage: Keep tidy and try to minimise any clutter. Highlight any available storage buy tidying it and keeping it well organised.





Plumbing: Fix anything requiring attention, keep guttering clear and remove any visible mould etc. from fittings.





Lights: Remove any dust from fittings, replace bulbs and fix any faulty switches




Hallways and Stairs: Create spacious areas by removing clutter or excess wall hangings.





Hardware: Create Oil hinges on doors and cupboards, tighten doorknobs and taps.





General Condition: Create a bright and pleasant space for potential buyers. Warm and inviting, show space well by minimising furniture and clutter in all spaces.